Friday, July 4, 2014

It’s Independence Day!

How many Americans will read, or even hear, the text of the Declaration of Independence today? How many prayers will be given in thanks that we live is such an exceptional and free country? How many discussions will be held on what this means to each of us?

Freedom was gained with commitment, dedication, and a great deal of blood. In 1776, those revolutionaries, or patriots, committed their future, their wealth, and their very lives on an idea that they could be free. Many died in that pursuit, many others lost their families, and some lost fortunes.

Let us each celebrate today with friends and family, remember the high cost of what we now enjoy. Put your flag out and feel the pride. Put aside your partisan beliefs for a day and just be an American. No hyphens, no dividers, just be an American.

Tomorrow, take a moment before picking up the mantle of partisanship and look at what our Congress, our President, and our Supreme Court Justices are doing. Look at their actions from how we could imagine those Patriots of 1776 viewing them. Are our elected leaders honoring the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution or are they ignoring them? Just as each generation has had to ask these questions of themselves, so do the citizens of American 238 years after the birth of this great nation.

Have a happy and safe Independence Day weekend!